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    Ferrets and Ferreting Out
    Book 2
    Also available in: E-Book
    By: Mathieu Mariolle Illustrated By: MiniKimPop
    Series: Nola's Worlds
    ISBN-13: 978-0-7613-6542-6
    AR Quiz #: 138682
    AR Points: 1.00
    ATOS Level: 3.00
    Lexile Level: 350
    SRC Reading Level: 3.2
    Pages: 136
    Trim Size: 6 x 8 1/2
    Dewey: 741.5'944
    Reading Grade Level: 7
    Interest Grade Level: 6-9
    Ages: 11-15
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    DESCRIPTION Mathieu Mariolle
    “It’s a little known fact, but ferrets secretly run the world.” I thought my biology report started out great. But did the teacher let me finish? No! No one ever lets me finish. They think I just make up crazy stories from my crazy dreams. But I was right about the two new kids in town, Damiano and Inés. They’re hiding a secret—a big one. But there’s more to figure out. Why do two weird creatures keep attacking them? What’s going on underneath the too-perfect town of Alta Donna?

    Everywhere I look I find trouble, traps, and unanswered questions. Someone needs to investigate this. And that someone is me!

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    Book Features
    Author Biography, Author's Note, Full-Color Illustrations, Illustrator Biography, Original Artwork
    About the Author
    Mathieu Mariolle has been passionate about graphic novels ever since his father gave him a copy of the long-running Wild West comic book series Blueberry when he was five years old.
    About the Illustrator
    MiniKim has always had a passion for animation and art. She discovered a love of comics when attending the huge festival at Angoulême in France. MiniKim lives in Montreal, Québec.
    Other Reviews
    Library Media Connection
    "The art is cool, and each story is aimed at the tween. The books are packed with searching for identity and longing for friends." --Library Media Connection
    School Library Journal
    "This trilogy exudes shelf appeal.... The anime-inspired art will grab attention. Alta Donna and its fashion-forward citizens are crisply rendered in pastel hues.... These titles are visual standouts." --School Library Journal