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    • Front Cover
    Manga Math Mysteries Set II Single Copy Set
    Paperback Classroom Set

    Graphic Universe ™
    Genre/Interest: Math
    Academic Subject: Math

    # of Books included:

    ISBN-10: 0-7613-8366-2

    ISBN-13: 978-0-7613-8366-6

    Dewey: 700
    Reading Grade Level: 3

    Interest Grade Level: 3 - 5

    4 Download(s)

    2 Review(s)
    List Price : $26.41

    Modern manga artwork engages readers in kid-friendly mysteries. In each book, a group of friends from a martial arts school uses visual clues and mathematics to solve a mystery. The stories illustrate problem-solving thought processes and reinforce math concepts taught in third and fourth grade. Written by a math educator and illustrated by talented manga artists, these mysteries will increase readers' understanding of how math can be applied in real-world situations.
    Titles included in this Series
    A Mystery with Fractions
    By: Melinda Thielbar Illustrated By: Tintin Pantoja
    A puzzle left behind by Sifu Faiza's grandfather has everyone stumped. A circle divided into wedges shows part of the formula for an ancient medicine. But some of the wedges are blank, and no one know...
    List Price: $6.95

    A Mystery with Multiplication and Division
    By: Melinda Thielbar Illustrated By: Yali Lin
    It's Stacy's turn to take care of her school's pet fish when somebody pulls a prank. The trickster dumped a complicated concoction of chemicals from the science lab into the fountain, and now the fish...
    List Price: $6.95

    In Stock
    A Mystery with Geometry
    By: Melinda Thielbar Illustrated By: Jenn Manley Lee, Candice Chow
    The science club has created a big "book bandit" sculpture in the public library. But how did they get the sculpture in through the tiny library window? The librarians offer a prize to whoever can fig...
    List Price: $6.95

    In Stock
    A Mystery with Probability
    By: Lydia Barriman Illustrated By: Becky Grutzik
    After the fence gate is left unlatched, Amy's playful new puppy, Brada, escapes! The other kids want to help Amy and her parents look for Brada. But to find her quickly, they will need to figure out w...
    List Price: $6.95

    In Stock
    Awards for this Series
    Library Media Connection Editor's Choice
    Reviews in this Series
    Science Books & Films
    "For the middle school student embarking on the exploration of multiplication and division, the book is a nice read.... Readers who are just learning about multiplication and division or who have recently learned these topics could begin to understand the usefulness of mathematics in problem solving." --Science Books & Films
    "This series helps show how people use math every day along with presenting some fun mysteries and character lessons with lively, colorful illustrations." --Booklist