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    • Front Cover
    Tricky Journeys ™
    Hardcover Series
    Library Bound

    Graphic Universe ™
    Genre/Interest: Graphic Novels
    Academic Subject: English

    # of Books included:

    ISBN-10: 0-7613-6599-0

    ISBN-13: 978-0-7613-6599-0

    Dewey: 700
    Reading Grade Level: 3

    Interest Grade Level: 2 - 4

    3 Award(s)

    3 Review(s)
    List Price : $83.97
    You Save 25%

    Are you ready for Tricky Journeys™? You'll find yourself right smack in the middle of tricks, jokes, thrills, and fun in these action-packed books. Each page tells what happens to the trickster and his or her friends. You get to decide what happens next. Read each page until you reach a choice. Then pick the choice you like best. But be wrong choice could land these tricksters in a mess even they can't trick their way out of!

    Combining folktales with interactivity and vocabulary-building text, these Twisted Journeys® style books for a younger age range each feature a different trickster animal in stories adapted from classic folktales. Help the trickster outwit foes and fool friends through cleverness, observation of art, and by choosing the right action at the right time.
    Titles included in this Series
    Book 6
    Library Bound
    By: Chris Schweizer Illustrated By: Chad Thomas
    Monkey is searching for adventure! Can he learn how to fly on a cloud? Will he defeat a fearsome monster? Maybe he can become a brave sailor—but if he’s not careful, he might wind up the p...
    List Price: $27.99
    You Save 25%

    In Stock
    Book 4
    Library Bound
    By: Chris Schweizer Illustrated By: David Witt
    Raven is cold and hungry. Can she trick her cousin Crow into feeding her snacks? Or can she sneak some fish away from a pair of pelicans? She’ll have to keep away from sleeping giants and mean b...
    List Price: $27.99
    You Save 25%

    In Stock
    Book 2
    Library Bound
    By: Chris Schweizer Illustrated By: Zack Giallongo
    Rabbit thinks he's the cleverest animal in the forest. But can he prove that to Fox, Gator, and Bear? Rabbit needs to pull the best trick of all, without getting caught . . . or eaten! In these Africa...
    List Price: $27.99
    You Save 25%

    In Stock
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    Awards for this Series
    Library Media Connection Best of the Best
    Reviews in this Series
    Library Media Connection
    "Each title puts the reader in charge of the characters' fates, for better or worse. In addition to the adventurous nature of these books, an element of also humor exists, as the main characters continually try to outwit others. The bright, cartoonish illustrations add to the fast-pace and readers could reread each story many times with different endings.... The interactivity of this series would make it a fun addition to a library's graphic novel section." --Library Media Connection
    School Library Journal
    "There's no shortage of excitement in these Choose-Your-Own-Adventure-style graphic novels.... For beefing up reluctant-reader offerings, these books are worth a look." --School Library Journal