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Stoke BooksStoke Books exist because we know that every parent and every teacher wants their children to make the jump from learning to read to loving to read. Our award-winning books by best-selling authors are commissioned, edited, and designed to break down the barriers that can stop this happening, from lack of confidence and reluctance through visual stress and dyslexia. Our font, our spacing, our editing, our paper, and our short, punchy chapter structure all help readers focus on the most important thing—the brilliant story.​

"You have unlocked a door for my son that we thought was locked for many years to come."

"Barrington Stoke books are ideal for young people with dyslexia because they look good, like 'real' books, neither babyish nor a color-stickered graded reader. The visual aspects have been considered with font size and type and background color, and the illustrations are complementary rather than too intrusive and are appropriately placed in the text. These books really work."
—Bernadette McLean, Academic Director of the Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre

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