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Millbrook PressMillbrook Press publishes informative picture books, illustrated nonfiction titles, and inspiring photo-driven titles for grades K–5. Our authors approach curricular topics with a fresh point of view. Our fact-filled books engage readers with fun yet accessible writing, high-quality photographs, and a wide variety of illustration styles. We cover subjects ranging from the parts of speech and other language arts skills; to history, science, and math; to art, sports, crafts, and other interests. Millbrook Press is the home of the best-selling Words Are CATegorical® series and Bob Raczka's Art Adventures.

Note from the Editor

Dear Millbrook Press visitor:

When I read nonfiction—whether for children or adults—I love to experience those Aha! moments when I learn something I hadn't known before. The authors, illustrators, photographers, and editors who contribute to Millbrook's titles strive to provide readers with books full of Aha! moments. We want the casual browser, the serious nonfiction fan, and the student who has a report due tomorrow all to find something of value in our offerings. We don't believe nonfiction is synonymous with "plain" or "boring." Rather, we hold ourselves to the highest standards and work to make books that are distinctive and memorable, both inside and out.


Carol Hinz, Editorial Director, on behalf of the entire Millbrook Press team

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