Darby Creek

About the Imprint

Darby Creek publishes series fiction titles for emerging, striving and reluctant readers ages 7 to 18 (Grades 2-12). From beginning chapter books to intermediate fiction and page-turning YA titles, Darby Creek books engage readers with strong characters and formats they'll want to pursue. If you're a librarian or a teacher or a parent with a reading checklist, we've got books for you.

Action? Check.

Horror? Check.

Fantasy? Check.

Humor? Check.

Real drama? Check.

Characters and situations kids will recognize? Check.

Darby Creek offerings range from the long-running Mallory chapter book series by author Laurie Friedman, to dramatic titles from Lurlene McDaniel, to the spine-tingling teen adventures from a variety of authors in the Night Fall™ series.

Note from the Editor

Dear Darby Creek reader:

We ask two very simple and yet very important things of a Darby Creek series: it must offer engaging, exciting, relatable and accessible stories, and it must offer a chance to inspire lifelong authentic reading. Darby Creek books will, we hope, find homes in libraries under covers with flashlights, in backseats on long trips, or wherever readers are made.


Andrew Karre, editorial director, on behalf of the entire Darby Creek team

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