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    Darby Creek
    Darby Creek

    Darby CreekDarby Creek publishes series fiction titles for emerging, striving, and reluctant readers ages 7 to 18 (Grades 2–12). From beginning chapter books to intermediate fiction and page-turning YA titles, Darby Creek books engage readers with strong characters, engaging premises, and accessible formats. If you're a librarian, a teacher, or a parent with a reading checklist, we've got books for you.       

    Action? Check. Fantasy? Check. Fantasy? Check. Humor? Check. Real drama? Check.         

    Darby Creek's offerings for younger readers range from the hilarious escapades of a nine-year-old sleuth to age-old tales of magic, monsters, and warriors. Teen readers can experience spine-tingling brushes with the supernatural, gripping survival stories, game-changing stakes for athletes, and more.         

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