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Carolrhoda BooksCarolrhoda Books has been publishing award-winning, high-quality picture books, fiction, and nonfiction titles since 1969. Its newest endeavor—Carolrhoda Lab™—offers an exciting collection of young adult fiction. Carolrhoda authors approach storytelling and education with an emphasis on writing and voice. Exceptional photography and design are hallmarks of our nonfiction. Carolrhoda Books is the home of Sibert medal winner Sally M. Walker, Coretta Scott King medal winner Vaunda Micheaux Nelson, beloved picture book author/illustrators Nancy Carlson and Chris Monroe, and picture book author Laurie Friedman.

Note from the Editor

Dear Carolrhoda Books Reader:

In an age of media saturation and undifferentiated information, of Google and databases, books remain our culture's most important format for integrated and immersive storytelling. When I read a book of any kind, I seek a distinct voice with a unique story to tell, a voice that will captivate me to the exclusion of all else and plunge me headlong into a new world. I hope these are qualities you will find in all Carolrhoda titles, from picture books to novels to long-form nonfiction. So dive on in. The books are waiting.


Andrew Karre, Editorial Director, on behalf of the entire Carolrhoda Books team

About Carolrhoda Locketz

I have been addressed as "Ms. Rhoda" in queries and other correspondence many times since I started here in fall 2008. I don't mind at all, but I do think the true story of the person behind the name is worth telling. Fortunately, I don't have to do it, since Harry Lerner, the founder of Lerner Publishing Group and of the Carolrhoda Books imprint, has written his memoirs, and there's a fine chapter on the real Carolrhoda. So here it is, straight from Harry's book.

—Andrew Karre, Editorial Director, Carolrhoda Books

Carolrhoda Locketz was a bubbly, perky girl who died too young. She was [my wife] Sharon [Lerner's] best friend. Their mothers were close friends, and the two girls grew up together. They shared everything: stories, trips, and adventures. As students at the University of Minnesota, they spent a lot of evenings at the Ten O'Clock Scholar, a hangout on the West Bank of the university campus. They listened to the music of a young student dropout, Bob Zimmerman, later known as Bob Dylan.

While a university student, Carolrhoda worked part-time as a page at the Saint Paul Public Library. After graduation in 1962, she joined the Peace Corps. They assigned her to be a teacher-librarian in Harar, Ethiopia. Carolrhoda poured herself into the job and the people she worked with. She even set aside two hundred dollars of her own meager salary to create an educational fund for a twelve-year-old Ethiopian boy.

Peace Corps director Sargent Shriver, John F. Kennedy's brother-in-law, visited Harar when Carolrhoda was serving there. Carolrhoda met with Shriver and talked about the great need for books in Ethiopian libraries. He obviously listened because back in the United States he began a book drive for libraries everywhere Peace Corps volunteers served.

After returning to the United States, Carolrhoda married Gordon L. Rozell, an army sergeant she had met in Ethiopia. She died of cancer in 1967, two years after her marriage. She was only twenty-eight years old.

After Carolrhoda's untimely death, Sharon wanted to honor and pay tribute to her best friend, who was also Adam [Lerner's] godmother. So in 1969, we named the Carolrhoda imprint after her. It was a beautiful way to immortalize Carolrhoda's memory in a manner that exemplified her love of books and learning. Sharon envisioned Carolrhoda books as attractive storybooks, heavily illustrated with art or photography. The first books were This Is..., a rhyming story for beginning readers, and Have You Seen My Mother?, the story of a brightly colored ball that searches for its mother at the circus.

The imprint was Sharon's hobby and passion, and she was thrilled each time a Carolrhoda book won an award or received a favorable review. Eventually, after Adam came on board, Carolrhoda became our trade imprint, and he added many new titles, including his first acquisition, the Little Wolf books by Ian Whybrow. I'm proud to say Carolrhoda is celebrating its fortieth anniversary [in 2009].

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