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    Darby Creek


    With accessible text and contemporary storylines, each high/low fiction series from Darby Creek is designed to foster independent reading. Written at a fourth-grade reading level but with YA appropriate subject matter, Darby Creek titles are certain to interest reluctant and struggling teen readers.

    RL: Grade 4 • IL: Grades 6–12

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    After the Dust Settled The Alternative Bareknuckle The Contest  
    Counterattack The Dario Quincy Academy of Dance The Dojo The Gift    
    The Dario
    Quincy Academy
    of Dance
    Locked Out Mike & Riel Mysteries Night Fall The Opportunity    
    The Paranormalists The Red Zone Robyn Hunter Mysteries The Sharp Sisters    
    Surviving Southside Support and Defend Suspended The Swoop List    
    The Swoop List
    Travel Team Turbocharged Unbarred Blank    
    Travel Team