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    Awards - Recent Titles

     More Starred Reviews. More Awards.

    The Wheel of Life and Death Can I Touch Your Hair The Disturbed Girl's Dictionary Economic Inequality
    1 Star2 2Star Star2
    I Got a Chicken for My Birthday Lighting Up the Brain Monarchs troublemakers
    Star1 1 1 11Star
    Seeing Into Tomorrow Snow Owl Invasion The World Cup
    Star21 ​11Star Star1 1 Star1 4
    Star1 8 4 ​​2Star3 ​​Star1
    Artificial Intelligence Auma's Long Run Belinda the Unbeatable Chicken in the Kitchen
    1 Star3​4 Star2 Star1
    Dazzle Ships
    Geoengineering Earth's Climate 
    Great Penguin Rescue

    2 5Star

    1 1


     Marco Polo
    Locked Up for Freedom Notations of Cooper Cameron Paper Butterflies
    Star2 3 Star2 1 1
    Sleep Well The Super Bowl Trashing the Planet Truthers
    Star1 1



    Whale Quest wooden Camel Zoo Scientists to the Rescue
    1 Star1 3