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    Promotion - School and Library


    Offer A: Free Series Collections
    Includes Print and/or Multi-user eBooks
    Orders above $600 qualify for free library-bound print and/or free multi-user eBook editions. Orders above $1,100 qualify for both print and eBook editions!

    Cloverleaf Books Collection    
    Primary Grade Cloverleaf Books Collection (26 titles)
    • My Healthy Habits (6 titles)
    • Money Basics (6 titles)
    • Community Helpers (8 titles)
    • Our American Symbols (6 titles)
    Free Print Editions: 978-1-5124-3991-5 Promo Code: SLF16P
    Free eBook Editions: 978-1-5124-3994-6 Promo Code: ESLF16P
    Both Print and eBook: 978-1-5124-3995-3 Promo Code: BSLF16P
    Sports Zone Collection  
    Intermediate Grade Sports Zone Collection (24 titles)
    • Dirt and Destruction Sports Zone (6 titles)
    • Extreme Summer Sports Zone (6 titles)
    • Extreme Winter Sports Zone (6 titles)
    • Great Outdoors Sports Zone (6 Titles)

    Free Print Editions: 978-1-5124-3996-0 Promo Code: SLF16M
    Free eBook Editions: 978-1-5124-3997-7 Promo Code: ESLF16M              
    Both Print and eBook: 978-1-5124-3998-4 Promo Code: BSLF16M

    Offer B: Free Books – Customer Choice
    Includes Print and/or Multi-user eBooks
    Select free books in print and/or multi-user digital editions (including eBooks, Lerner Interactive Books™, and Audisee® eBooks with Audio). Incentive titles must be copyright 2016 or older. Customers may choose a mix of print and digital editions.

    Orders above $600 qualify for 10 free books of the customer’s choice.
    • Print Editions: Promo Code: SELECT10P
    • Digital Editions: Promo Code: SELECT10D
    • Mixed Editions: Promo Code: SELECT10M

    Orders above $1,100 qualify for 20 free books of the customer’s choice.

    • Print Editions: Promo Code: SELECT20P
    • Digital Editions: Promo Code: SELECT20D
    • Mixed Editions: Promo Code: SELECT20M
    Note: Offer B is available by providing the promo code and list of title via fax, to a Lerner Sales Representatives or through Customer service via email at Offer B cannot be applied to website orders.

    All orders placed under these promotions will receive free shipping and shelf ready processing. Fulfillment of print sets is contingent upon existing stock levels. Multi-user digital access limited to a single school or library. Offers expire June 30, 2017.