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     Lerner Brands

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    Bumba Books 
    Bumba Books™

    Bumba Books are dynamic nonfiction books for grades PreK–1. With clear, lively text and fresh, vibrant photos, these carefully crafted books inspire wonder about the world. Age-appropriate critical thinking questions, diagrams, and a photo glossary help build nonfiction reading skills.

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    Reading Level: K–1
    Interest Level: PreK–1
    24 pages • 9 x 9


    First Step Nonfiction First Step Nonfiction

    Explore interesting topics and build literacy skills while introducing beginning readers to informational texts. Bright photos and simple sentences support nonfiction concepts and vocabulary development.

    Reading Level: Grade 1
    Interest Level: Grades K–2
    24 pages • 6 1⁄4 x 7


    Cloverleaf Books™ Cloverleaf Books™

    Spark imaginations with bright, playfully illustrated books that are a thoroughly kid-friendly introduction to the world of nonfiction!

    Reading Level: Grades 1–2
    Interest Level: Grades K–2
    24 Pages • 9 3/4 x 9 3/4


    Lightning Bolt Books™

    Lightning Bolt Books™

    Engage young readers with fascinating nonfiction topics, easy-reading text, vivid photos, and a colorful design. Familiar examples make abstract concepts easy to grasp.

    Reading Level: Grades 2–3
    Interest Level: Grades 1–3
    24–32 pages • 7 3/4 x 10 1/4


    Searchlight Books™

    Searchlight Books™

    Searchlight Books support elementary readers’ quest for knowledge and turn questions into answers. Straightforward informational texts build expository skills while photos and diagrams provide additional content support.

    Reading Level: Grades 3–4
    Interest Level: Grades 3–5
    32–40 Pages • 7 x 9



    Alternator Books

    Alternator Books

    Alternator Books energize nonfiction reading. This powerful brand features a wide range of curriculum and high-interest topics. With engaginh informational text, fresh approaches, and dynamic dseigns, Alternator Books are sure to spark curiosity and jump start reading engagement.

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    Reading Level: Grades 4–5                                                                                                                Interest Level: Grades 3–6                                                                                                               32 Pages • 7 x 9


    Hungry Tomato®

    Hungry Tomato®

    Hungry Tomato titles pair fascinating photos and illustrations with scientific and historic research. Written at a fourth- to fifth-grade reading level, these high-interest books engage, inspire, and educate.

    Click here for all Hungry Tomato titles.

    Reading Level: Grades 4–5
    Interest Level: Grades 3–6
    32 Pages • 7 x 9