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    Common Core

     Put Common Core into Practice with Lerner Publishing Group



    Lerner Publishing Group books are developed to support the goals of the Common Core State Standards. Our experienced authors, editors, and designers give careful consideration to each book’s content, writing structures, book features, and supporting materials. Through our multiple imprints and fiction and nonfiction offerings, we offer a wide variety of materials that can be used to help students become more proficient in their language and literacy skills, as well as providing age-appropriate pleasure reading and content support in science, social studies, mathematics and other academic subjects. Use the following tools to locate books aligned to specific Common Core standards, to understand our text leveling systems, and to support educators in teaching Common Core skill to students.
    Search National and State Standards
    All Lerner Publishing Group books are aligned to national and state curriculum standards by Academic Benchmarks, a standards data services provider. Their educational subject matter experts match each book to the concept frameworks it supports. Each book is then aligned to appropriate curriculum standards in all 50 states, as well as Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts, Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, Next Generation Science Standards, and National Council for the Social Studies standards. This third-party alignment process provides quality assurance and accuracy.

    The Standards Search tool will help you locate books that support specific state and national standards. You can search by grade level broadly or refine your search to a specific standard. From there you can select the books you’d like to order or export a list of all of the books to an Excel order form. We make it simple to find the books you need to support your curriculum!

    CCSS Teaching Guides
    Lerner eSource™ offers free digital teaching and learning resources, including Common Core State Standards (CCSS) teaching guides. These guides are created by classroom teachers offer short lessons and writing exercises that give students specific instruction and practice using Common Core skills and strategies. Lerner eSource also provides additional resources including online activities, downloadable/printable graphic organizers, and additional educational materials that would also support Common Core instruction. Download, share, pin, print, and save as many of these free resources as you like!
    CCSS Articles
    Educational experts and literacy consultants Jan Burkins and Kim Yaris have written several articles about the Common Core and its impact on literacy instruction. They firmly believe that “careful text selection is the most important aspect of great teaching and learning in a Common Core classroom.” View the series of articles written expressly for Lerner Publishing Group through the links below, and follow them at

    Download these articles to see how our newest book series support the goals of Common Core: