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     Teaching Guides



    • Carefully leveled text and controlled vocabulary
    • Age-appropriate content-area terms
    • Close photo-text match to support comprehension
    • Simple charts and diagrams
    • Age-appropriate critical thinking questions
    • A wide variety of popular early learning topics
    • Key nonfiction book features: table of contents, photo glossary, index
    • 9 x 9 trim size—perfect for both shared and independent reading

    Bumba Books™ open up the world of nonfiction for emergent readers. With clear, lively text and fresh, vibrant photos, these carefully crafted books inspire wonder about the world. Age-appropriate critical thinking questions, diagrams, and a photo glossary help build nonfiction reading skills.
    Reading Level: Grades K-1 • Interest Level: Grades PreK-1​
    New Spring 2018 and Fall 2017 Series
    ​​Bumba Books en español
    1 New Series Spring 2018!
    space animales de la selva tropical dinosaurios exploremos paises
    New! Una primera mirada al espacio (A First Look at Space) Animales de la selva tropical (Rain Forest Animals)
    Dinosaurios y bestias prehistóricas (Dinosaurs and Prehistoric
    Exploremos países (Let's Explore Countries) Paperback Editions
    Multi-User eBook Editions​
    ​​que vivan
    Diviértete con las estaciones (Season Fun) ¡Hora de deportes! (Sports Time!) Máquinas en acción (Machines That Go)
    Que vivan los ayudantes comunitarios! (Hooray for Community Helpers!)
    Hora de deportes!
    (Sports Time)
    Máquinas en acción(Machines
    Veo animales marinos (I See Ocean Animals)

    More Bumba Books Series  
    Bumba Books 
    Teach Nonfiction Text Features
    Bumba Books offer a wide variety of nonfiction text features to help young readers learn how to use informational books.

    Bumba Books 

    Invite Inquiry and Critical Thinking
    Critical thinking—the ability to reflect, analyze, and think deeply about a topic or concept—is an essential learning skill. Each Bumba Book includes age-appropriate inquiry and critical-thinking questions, designed to engage young readers with the content of the book. 
    Use these questions to:
    • Encourage children to showcase their existing knowledge.
    • Allow children to express their opinions and build their understanding of a topic.
    • Inspire conversations with other children or adults who can validate answers.
    • Offer an opportunity to brainstorm likely answers and discuss which ones are possible.
    • Encourage additional research on a topic.

    Bumba Books
    Interactive Bumba Books
    All Bumba Books™ are available as Lerner Interactive Books. These engaging online books incorporate text highlighting and three audio speeds to adjust the pace to the reader. Additional multimedia and interactive tools also help improve key literacy skills and confidence for emergent readers. Click here to learn more about Interactive Books and sign up for a free trial!