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    Lerner Publishing Group > Audisee® eBooks with Audio
    Audisee® eBooks with Audio

     Audisee eBooks with Audio


    audisee Audisee® eBooks with Audio have a variety of content to satisfy every reader's interests! Sentence highlighting with professional narration bring these eBooks to life.
    Students are drawn to the wide selection of titles—from curriculum oriented nonfiction to award-winning young-adult fiction. Even the most reluctant student can’t resist participating in the reading process!

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    Audisee eBooks with Audio spark interest with:
    • Reluctant readers
    • Struggling readers
    • Auditory learners
    • ELL/ESL students
    • On-level students       
    Innovative Features

    Audisee eBooks with Audio work on a wide range of devices from desktops to hand-held e-readers. Fixed-format pagination supports instruction allowing groups of readers a common, shared reading experience.

    Audisee eBooks with Audio feature:
    • Engaging fiction and nonfiction content
    • Fluent, professional audio narration
    • Text highlighting
    • Fixed eBook formatting
    • Single-and multi-user purchasing option
    • Compatibility with iPads and other portable devices

    Two Collections Now Available!

    • Collection 1: On-Level Audio Page for Grades K-6
      630 All-New Titles!
      Real-voice narration and single word highlighting matched to the pace appropriate for the specified
      reading level of each title.
    • Collection 2: Fluent Audio Pace for Grades 4-12
      45 New Titles, 235 Total Offerings!
      Sentence highlighting and fluent, professional narration.