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    Kane Press
    Kane Press

    Andersen Press USA Kane Press is an award-winning publisher of nearly 200 illustrated titles for children ages 3 to 11. At Kane Press, we take a balanced, kid-friendly approach toward delivering engaging content through fiction and nonfiction stories.   

    Whether the underlying concept relates to science or math, letter sounds or problem solving, the goal of all Kane Press books is the same: to intrigue, involve, and inspire youngsters while fostering in them a lifelong enthusiasm for words and ideas.

    Written and illustrated by respected and award-winning authors and artists, Kane Press books are perfect for independent reading or, with younger children, as part of a shared read-aloud experience.

    Note from the Editor

    Dear Reader:

    It is often said that the first step toward getting a child to learn is to capture his or her attention. We strive to do just that with books that offer clever plots, kid-sized dilemmas, exciting adventures, surprising twists, and exuberant characters that kids can relate to—from dancing dogs and friendly mice to young detectives-in-training.

    As we aim to demonstrate to youngsters how the things they learn in school are invaluable tools for navigating the world they live in, we also make it our mission to pique children’s natural curiosity and help them enjoy every step along the way!

    Joanne Kane, Publisher, on behalf of the entire Kane Press team

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