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    Graphic Universe
    Graphic Universe

    GraphicUniverse Graphic Universe™ publishes both fiction and nonfiction graphic novels for all ages, from beginning readers through young adults.

    Our authors and artists include industry veterans, up-and-coming talents, and webcomic stars, and we publish voices from the United States and abroad.

    Note from the Editors

    Welcome to Graphic Universe! Graphic Universe launched in 2006 as Lerner Publishing Group’s imprint for graphic novels.

    We began by retelling myths and legends and have since branched out to tell stories about everything from a childhood in China to a haiku-writing detective to the new adventures of a familiar prince.

    We work with authors, artists, letterers, colorists and other superheroic people from around the world to make kid-safe books that readers of all ages will enjoy!

    Carol Hinz, Editorial Director, on behalf of the entire Graphic Universe team

    Carol Hinz
    I Remember Beirut BirdCatDog	Terrorist