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    Hungry Tomato
    Hungry Tomato
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    Anita Ganeri

    Simon Mendez

    Dr. Gareth Moore

    Alice Peebles

    Chris Oxlade

    Matthew Rake

    Jon Richards

    Eva Sassin

    Ed Simkins

    Hungry Tomato® offers high-interest nonfiction for ages 8-12. Gripping text and eye-catching images engage even the most reluctant readers. With a fifth-grade reading level, Hungry Tomato titles are accessible to a wide range of readers, and the well-researched content informs as well as it entertains.

    Want to learn how to survive in the wilderness? We’ve got it in the Go Wild series. Are record-breakers your thing? Check out Infographic Top 10s. Interested in warriors, like medieval knights and Roman gladiators? Explore the How to Live Like… series. With topics ranging from prehistoric animals and today’s most creepy creatures to mind-bending puzzles and mythological beasts, these series are sure to leave readers hungry for more!

    Extinct Beasts Sickening History How to Live Like a Viking Warrior