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Twenty-First Century BooksTwenty-First Century Books (TFCB) is a wide-ranging imprint committed to producing relevant high-interest and curriculum-related nonfiction content across disciplines, eras, and cultures for an upper-grade readership. The imprint, its editors, and its award-winning authors strive to provide materials that help our readership understand and engage in thinking about the complexities of our world. We also provide practical tools to support classroom projects, research and coursework, and we look to foster an awareness of and commitment to the pleasures of nonfiction reading.

Note from the Editor

Dear TFCB visitor:

In delving into the world of Twenty-First Century Books (TFCB), I hope you will come away with a wealth of ideas fostered by the richness of nonfiction reading and the worlds it opens to us. Whether it be a new understanding of world history, ideas for creating a country report through the Visual Geography Series, eye-opening information to help you understand complex scientific topics, or indulging an interest in pictorial American history through our various photo-driven social history series, I hope you will find a range of relevant connections to link you to the information you want and need for pursuing your interests.

All of us at TFCB are proud to proclaim our commitment to publishing exceptional nonfiction, and we welcome you as one of our many readers.


Domenica Di Piazza, Editorial Director, on behalf of the entire TFCB team

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