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    Andersen Press USA LernerClassroom is your source for leveled nonfiction paperback books and teaching guides that support literacy development and reading in the content areas for Grades K-5. Our curriculum-based books are correlated to national and state standards. We provide material for reading, math, social studies, science, biographies, and high interest topics, making it easy to match books to educational needs and classroom themes.

    Most LernerClassroom materials are paperback editions of library-bound books from its sister imprint, Lerner Publications. With striking photography, lively texts and fresh designs, LernerClassroom books offer supplemental reading opportunities that help students better understand the content on which they are being tested. Key nonfiction features—tables of contents, chapter titles, subheads, photo captions, sidebars, glossaries, further reading suggestions, and indexes—assist students in locating the information they need.

    LernerClassroom books support literacy development across the grade levels. Our publisher's reading levels are determined by our experienced authors, editors and consultants, who give careful consideration to factors such as word recognition, vocabulary choice, contextual support, sentence complexity, sentence length, paragraph length, overall text length, and other factors. We also take into account the book's layout, offering visual cues and organizational support in the way the pages are designed. We check our reading levels against computerized leveling systems, but we use human judgment to make the final determination. Many LernerClassroom books are also leveled for use with popular reading assessment and intervention programs. If available, Guided Reading, Lexile, and ATOS levels are listed.

    Spanish-language editions of many LernerClassroom titles are available in paperback through another sister imprint, ediciones Lerner. Pairing the English and Spanish texts is beneficial to ELL/ESL and bilingual programs. LernerClassroom books strive to support and encourage success in every student.