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    Lerner Publications
    Lerner Publications
    Andersen Press USA Lerner Publications is the flagship imprint of Lerner Publishing Group. Founded in 1959, the imprint has evolved to focus on quality nonfiction series for children from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. Striking photography, lively texts, and fresh designs help young readers understand, enjoy, and share information on topics ranging from history, geography, and science to biographies, sports, and popular interests.    

    Lerner Publications titles support national and state curriculum standards, offering supplemental reading opportunities to help students better understand the content on which they are being tested. The books are designed for easy reading and research, offering key nonfiction book features—tables of contents, chapter titles, subheads, photo captions, sidebars, glossaries, further information suggestions, and indexes—to assist students in locating the information they need.

    Note from the Editor

    Patricia StocklandDear reader,

    One of my favorite things about childhood is how much learning happens during this time. Whether that means examining bugs in the backyard, figuring out where Somalia is on a globe, or discussing the accomplishments of our heroes, being a student is about exploring the world around us. And reading helps answer the questions that arise during those explorations, as well as leading to new and surprising subject areas.

    Here at Lerner, we want readers to learn important, exciting, and intriguing information. We create high-quality curricular materials that will make people say, “Wow! I never knew that!” We do our best to produce engaging, attractive books that teach and explain—books that make readers want to learn more. Take a look around. You’ll definitely find something good to read.

    Ashley Kuehl, Editorial Director, on behalf of the entire Lerner Publications team            

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