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    Graphic Universe
    Graphic Universe

    GraphicUniverse Graphic Universe™ publishes both fiction and nonfiction graphic novels for all ages, from beginning readers through young adults.

    Our authors and artists include industry veterans and up-and-coming talents. We publish voices from the United States and abroad.

    Note from the Editor

    Carol HinzGraphic Universe™ launched in 2006 as Lerner Publishing Group’s home for graphic novels. The imprint hasn’t quite crossed galaxies since then, but it’s getting there. The Graphic Universe™ list strives for a global reach and a range of voices, with books that share stories from the United States and, increasingly, around the world.

    The cartoonists and writers of Graphic Universe™ are explorers, chasing down the many possibilities the comics form has to offer. And as more and more graphic novels make their way into school libraries, backpacks, and family bookshelves, Graphic Universe™ gives readers the chance to be explorers too.

    Greg Hunter, Senior Editor, on behalf of the entire Graphic Universe™ team



    I Remember Beirut BirdCatDog	First Man