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Graphic UniverseGraphic Universe™ publishes both fiction and nonfiction graphic novels in all genres and for all ages, from beginning readers through young adults. Our authors and artists include industry veterans, up-and-coming talents, and webcomic stars. Our ongoing series include mysteries, monsters, myths, mathematics, marauding pirates and much more! Young readers will enjoy sleuthing with furry detectives in Guinea PIG: Pet Shop Private Eye; cuddling up with the picture-book-like stories in Mr. Badger and Mrs. Fox; and solving the puzzles in Manga Math Mysteries. Older readers will take a trip to the worlds beyond the mirror in The ElseWhere Chronicles; immerse themselves in mythology with Graphic Myths and Legends; and direct the storyline themselves with Twisted Journeys®, the graphic novel series where the reader chooses the path of the story. And the universe will keep expanding!

Note from the Editor

Welcome to Graphic Universe!

Graphic Universe launched in 2006 to be Lerner Publishing Group's imprint for graphic novels (or—depending on your preference for nomenclature—comic books, sequential art, bandes dessinées, manga, or...). We currently keep two staff members ensconced in our secret lair NYC office high up in the Empire State Building, and many more editors, designers, and others in the home office in Minneapolis. Around the country and around the world, legions of authors, artists, letterers, colorists and other superheroic people provide the huge amount of hard work and talent needed to put a graphic novel together.

We might also possibly be plotting to take over the world alongside the ambitious pigeons who perch outside the windows of our lofty lair, but—ssh—don't tell anyone.

Carol M. Burrell, Editorial Director, on behalf of the entire Graphic Universe team

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