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    ediciones Lerner
    ediciones Lerner

    ediciones Lerner ediciones Lerner—Lerner Publishing Group's Spanish-language imprint—grew from a desire to provide Spanish speakers and Spanish-language learners with high-quality fiction and nonfiction titles. In consultation with experts in the field, we examined LPG's list across all imprints to determine which English-language originals to translate into Spanish. The result has been a varied and eclectic mix of curricular, high-interest, and fun series and single titles.

    Note from the Editor


    Patricia StocklandAfter mining our English-language list for the very best titles that entice Spanish-language readers to dive into the ediciones Lerner list, our next effort was to find qualified translators who could equally balance accuracy with appropriate reading level. We also wanted to strike a balance among the many iterations of the Spanish language that are spoken in our country. To achieve this, we enlisted the help of teams of translators, who in many cases were also elementary teachers. Their combined expertise gave us the high-quality translation results we sought. We hope our attention to detail will give educators the confidence they need to select Spanish-language materials from ediciones Lerner.

    Patricia Stockland, Editorial Director, on behalf of the Lerner Publications team

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