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    Carolrhoda Lab
    Carolrhoda Lab

    Carolrhoda Lab Carolrhoda Lab™ is dedicated to distinctive, provocative, boundary-pushing fiction for teens and their sympathizers. Carolrhoda Lab probes and examines the teenage condition one novel at a time, affording YA authors the chance to present readers with new ways of thinking about this curious creature we call “the teenager.” All of us at Carolrhoda Lab are proud to proclaim our lifelong adolescence and our commitment to publishing exceptional fiction about the teenage experience.

    Note from the Editor
    Domenica DiPiazzaDear Carolrhoda Lab Visitor,

    When I read a novel, I want to be captivated by the author’s voice and taken on a journey to meet unpredictable characters and visit unexpected places. 

    In Lab, you'll find new voices, beautiful writing, and challenging plots. We publish all kinds of genres, from the realistic to the fantastic, from contemporary to historical. We also love publishing genre-defying stories that push the boundaries of what narrative is.

    I invite you to sit down, open one of our books, and experience the world of Lab.

    Alix Reid, Editorial Director, on behalf of the entire Carolrhoda Lab team

    The Other Way Around No Crystal Stair The Story of Owen